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The most in-demand professional areas in autumn 2016.

Olesya Murashova (Head of general staffing )
The second half of year was marked by a notable increase in the number of offers from employers. First of all, it is caused by adaptation of the labor market to the economic crisis situation, due to more flexible approaches to personnel hiring and also the traditional revival of the market after the summer vacation period.
In spite of the fact that the unemployment rate indicator has now fallen to the lowest since October 2015, stabilization and pre-crisis labor market conditions are not expected in the nearest future. However, employer have to do more than just reconcile themselves to the current situation. Job applicants are going to expect more interesting offers together with high requirements and "new challenges."
The workforce reduction is ongoing through 2016 and in autumn is most applicable to seasonal business workers and civil servants.

What to expect in autumn 2016? What professional areas will be in high demand?

Traditionally, the leading positions on the Russian labor market are in the sales and marketing areas. Sales managers and heads of sales can get the highest salaries. Applicants with extensive experience and a current list of clients are given priority by employers. However, that does not mean that the companies are ready to headhunt such professionals. Employers believes that the present labor market is adequately saturated with applicants conforming to the relevant requirements.

Besides, skilled innovators are increasingly in demand: business development managers, brand managers, PR-specialists and advertising managers who can find nontraditional techniques to promote goods and services during a drop in sales growth. Separately, it is necessary to mention marketing specialists, whose competence includes market monitoring and forecasting consumer demand. According to experts, marketing specialists will become the main strategists of companies selling a variety of products. We will add here highly skilled logisticians providing an effective supply chain – the system that moves a product from supplier to consumer. A company’s profit also depends on their skills and activity, which means a high level of compensation for such specialists.
Another important channel of sales that is it worth mentioning is e-marketing (digital marketing). There is a lack of qualified professionals, both specialists and managers. All companies offering their goods are presented on the Internet and qualified digital sales specialists guarantee their successful performance, which means the income of these specialists will be rather high. Demand for these professionals is growing in this promising area, which means the offers available are not able to satisfy it completely yet.

IT professional area still remains in demand, and we should note that it is one of the most dynamically developing on the labor market. First of all, this is explained by the rapid development of technologies: software, Internet, etc., which leads to the creation of new specializations and opening of related vacancies. Today the most popular IT specializations are HTML designer, web designer, web programmer, 1C programmer, software tester and system administrator. The most promising area is mobile applications design: entertainment, training, media, etc., due to the rapid and widespread distribution of smartphones and mobile Internet access.

In line with the Russian government federal programs to replace imports with locally produced goods, manufacturing and industrial areas are getting financial support, especially the nanotechnology, agricultural, food, petrochemical and pharmaceutical spheres. In these areas, the most in-demand and highest paid specialists are process engineers and design engineers, who combine technical education with a legal and/or economic education; agronomists, biologists and chemists (preferably in the energy sector). The ecological sphere has attracted special attention. Within the federal targeted programs, the Russian government allocates considerable funds to solving problems of environment protection, In this regard, the demand for professional ecologists with computer programming skills is increasing annually. Also we can mention the representatives of working specialties: machinists, mechanics, repairmen, electricians, welders, etc., who are in demand recent years. Besides, we should note the areas of road construction, mechanical engineering and the defense sector, which are of high priority today. This means that qualified specialists can also apply for well-paid positions.

Although among the specializations listed above there were no lawyers and economists, who were in the highest demand recently, that does not mean that representatives of these professions significantly weakened on the labor market.  Selection criteria for these specialists’ hiring changed significantly, their experience is more appreciated, as is their ability to explore new horizons within their competencies and beyond. The same can be said about teachers and medical professionals, who have to be aware of all the latest technologies and innovations in the field of education and medicine respectively, and be able to apply their knowledge in practice.
According to experts’ forecasts, the difficult economic situation that reflects on the labor market will remain for the next years, therefore applicants should increase their level of their professional knowledge and skills and also expand their competences to apply for high income.


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