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HR-filing outsourcing

is when the function of HR-filing transferred to a professional provider company, leading to improved financial figures due to disposal of non-profile HR-functions and a decreased risk of violating applicable laws.


This solution may be right for you if:

  • you are a small company which doesn’t need its own HR officer;
  • you are a large company with different business lines in need of a versatile HR officer;
  • you are a geographically dispersed company;
  • you are preparing for or have just completed an audit by a regulatory body.


To choose the best Client-Provider interaction option it is essential to start from the goals of the Client, his resources and means. Conventionally interaction types can be divided into 4 groups:
HR-filing in Coleman Services` database

(it is based on the speciallly redesigned configuration 1C: Wages and Personnel Management 2.5 on 1C 8.3 platform)

  • IT-support and update by Coleman Services
  • Extra automation is possible upon the Client`s request
  • Standard and customed reports and pageouts
  • 90% of our projects are realized this way

HR-filing in the Client`s base

  • Any program or configuration
  • It-support, update and maintainance is provided by the Client
  • We realize 10% of our projects this way

Remote HR-filing

  • Consultations and expertice on current HR-filing procedures 
  • Documentation is provided in electronic form
  • Docs filing - 1-2 times a month upon the Clients request
  • Staff familiarization and docs signing is processed by the Client

  • Work records books can be either filled by the Client (with electronic example from Coleman Services) or by Coleman Services specialist. 

Implant-specialist on the Clients territory:

  • Consultations and expertice on current HR-filing procedures 
  • Docs printing and signed docs filing is processed by Implant-specialist
  • Staff familiarization and docs signing is processed by the Client
  • Work records books are filled by Implant-specialist
  • Extra services of Implant-specialist are possible under mutual agreement

The Client can also order exra services:

  • Keeping of HR-files in Coleman Services
  • Organisation of hire/dismiss/docs signing procedures in Coleman Services (applicable for the cities with Coleman Services local presence) 
  • Organisation of documents transportation (courier service) 


  • Work record book filling and registration
  • Business trip administration
  • Any types of leave management (including taken separately)
  • Pensionable service calculation and sick leave administration 
  • Working out of duty regulations
  • Mass hiring/dismissal and labor contract changing
  • Reference and copies issue
and much more according to the Clients needs.

Military registration. According to the Clients needs the interaction can be built up as follows:

  • Working out of document set for military registration
  • Military registration on subscription basis
  • Seminars for the Clients` representatives (staff trainings).

COSTS OF HR-filing 

Service costs depend on the number of factors: headcount, documents working area, HR-filing of higher complexity including special staff categories, number and forms of required reports and the need in military registration. To find out the exact costs for your company case you`ll have to fill in a special questionnaire.

The advantages of working with Coleman Services:

  • automatic solutions;
  • professional IT support;
  • a base of over 100 types of reports;
  • promptness—swift response to our Clients’ needs;
  • expertise in various business sectors;
  • total compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • civil and professional liability insurance.
Coleman Services advantages
According to Russian Federal law №242-FZ Coleman Services stores personal data on the Russian Federation territory.


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