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entails reviewing the current state of the client company’s HR filing, providing a detailed report for this or other reviewed period, and restoring the client company’s HR filing by the provider company’s specialists.\

This solution may be right for you if:

  • you are preparing for an audit by a regulatory body or you need to restore HR filing post audit;
  • you are a small company without a HR filing specialist on staff;
  • you are a geographically dispersed company who frequently changes providers or HR filing specialists.

The main goal of HR-audit is to check the presence and contents of HR files and LNA on their compliance with current Russian labor legislation and to detect systematic mistakes. It is essential especially starting from 01 January, 2015, when the penalties of State Labor Inspection for labor law violation raised reasonably and were since then subject to so called "multipliсation" (the fines were multiplied).


Coleman Services practice shows that random HR-audit of 20-30% of employees including those ones from the risk zone helps to detect weak points and systematic mistakes.
That is, in the context of Audit special check-lists are worked out to analyse LNA on compliance with Labor law. Quite often mistakes are transmitted from LNA to all the rest of HR-files. Check-lists of labor contacts, supplements and work records books enable to see visually clear wether the mistake is systematic or it is a single case. 


An independent HR-audit provides the company with objective analysis: 

  • on compliance of LNA, HR-files and procedures with the current Russian Labor law;
  • on cases of incompatibility with Labor law with references to violated legal acts; 
  • on sanction risks listed with actual responsibility and penalties.

On basis of recommendations the company makes up a plan of restoration activities or starts restoration at a time with HR-audit. 
The results of HR-audit help to reduce time on restoration and set correct priorities in faults and possible risks elimination. 

The advantages of working with Coleman Services:

swift response to our clients’ needs;     customized approach to match the specific conditions of each client;     expert recommendations on a case by case basis;     economy of time and resources by engaging highly qualified specialists.

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