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Labour Market in Retail Sector
Both food and non-food retail sectors have demonstrated and continue to  enjoy rapid development in modern Russia. The pace may have somewhat slackened compared to 2005-2008, but increasing earnings and so increasing consumer spending invites retail companies to expand further. Depending on a type of retail activity, whether a product or service-based, or a region, competition may be intense, moderate, nascent or virtually non-existent. This indicates that retail market in Russia has taken definite shape, but is not by any means saturated.
Andrey Chulakhvarov (Head of Permanent Staffing)
Recruitment of Expatriates / Compensation packages for Expatriates
Recruitment of Expatriates has always been one of major differences between Western and Russian companies. The former brought specialists and managers with international training and experience onto Russian soil. The latter considered it to be experimental in nature rather than a real asset to business.
Andrey Chulakhvarov (Head of General Staffing)
The Russian HR Market 2016-2017
Another crisis year is coming to an end. It seems that businesses have adapted to the unstable economic and political situation and have actually started working in the “new Russian normal” despite of all restrictions and sanctions.
Olga Bantsekina (Chief Representative, Coleman Services UK)

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