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Salary review: Accounting (Yekaterinburg)
Coleman Services presents the survey devoted to accounting specialicts in Yekaterinburg revealing both candidates` salary expectations and employers` offers at the middle of May 2017.
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Salary review: Logistics (Moscow)
In the review the following positions are presented: Logistics Director, Head of Logistics Department, Logistics manager (or specialist), customs clearance specialist, foreign trade specialist.
Coleman Services
Salary review - IT Developers (Moscow)
The review shows data of IT Developers of the following platforms: PHP, Java, C++, Python, ERP, Android, iOS.
Coleman Services
Recruitment: changes are in progress
Last year, 2016, showed that the labor market is still suffering sharp changes. Despite the fact that business is starting to adapt to the new economic reality, companies are avoiding taking active steps toward drastic staffing cuts, and wage indexation is still implemented, though not actively, and no recovery to the situation of previous years is expected.
Olesya Murashova (Head of General Staffing)
Coleman Services conducted the annual Customer Satisfaction Survey
In the end of 2015 Coleman Services conducted the annual customer satisfaction survey to identify the level of satisfaction with the services. The representatives of 125 companies took part in the survey.
Coleman Services
The most in-demand professional areas in autumn 2016.
The second half of year was marked by a notable increase in the number of offers from employers. First of all, it is caused by adaptation of the labor market to the economic crisis situation, due to more flexible approaches to personnel hiring and also the traditional revival of the market after the summer vacation period.
Olesya Murashova (Head of general staffing )
Salary Survey: IT Specialists (Novosibirsk)
Coleman Services presents IT Specialists Salary Survey for the Novosibirsk region that contains general report of the labor market on the named profession including candidates` salary expectations and employers` offers.
Coleman Services
Salary review - Accounting (Saint Petersburg)
Salary review results for Accounting in Saint Petersburg.
Coleman Services
Recruitment and the New Reality
In the current context of economic instability, the success of an organization's activities largely depends on the efficient use of its resources. The most important and necessary resource of any company are its people and the quality of the management of the company's staff. Today, employers try to optimize personnel costs and make the use of their labor resources more efficient. However, lack of a professional staff has become an increasingly difficult problem.
Olesya Murashova (Head of Permanent Staffing Department)
Salary review - Marketing, Moscow.
Infographic with salary review of marketing specialists in Moscow.
Coleman Services

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