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The Client  runs new business – sewing production of premium women garment. The production is planned as 1 thousand items pro half a year. After production line start the company plans to run on-line shop and several show-rooms.


  • The Client has a need to recruit staff to run new production line.
  • The sphere of premium tailoring suffers from shortage of candidates with relevant practical experience. It is mostly visible when looking for top management in this field.
  • By the moment of the project start all  candidates were employed and didn`t look for new job.


Step 1. Consultation

The Client addressed to Coleman Services for consultation. Several options were offered to start sewing production:

  1. Executive search for fashion designer for the project work on the collection. The production itself could be realized either on the Client`s territory or transferred to sewing outsourcing company.
  2. Executive search for fashion designer as a regular employee of the Client.
  3. Executive search for production director with relevant experience, who would then recruit extra staff.

The Client chose the third option. As a result a reference structure of the production line was formed:

  • Production director

  • Fashion designer (for small production it was possible to unite the functions of fashion modeller and fashion designer for the first period).

  • Two cutters

  • Five seamstresses

The number of cutters and seamstresses were then adjusted according to the production director`s vision.
Step 2. Recruitment

  • Production director with skills of fashion designer was found by direct search in three weeks’ time. In addition the candidate had experience in launching premium fashion projects from the very beginning.

  • Production director took extra responsibilities in creating and working out new clothing items. Thus there was no further need for fashion designer.

  • Coleman Services specialists found 3 seamstresses and a cutter. All candidates had experience in custom tailoring of evening and wedding dresses. The client had 23 candidates for the interview.

  • After passing the interview successfully seamstresses and cutter elaborated first samples by the end of June. Starting from the first of July the company plans to run full-service production.


  • Most optimal end structure of production was worked out.

  • A competent production director with most relevant experience was found.

  • Production director recruited fashion designer, who used to work with her.

  • A team of seamstresses and cutters with experience in fine and costly material manufacturing was formed.

  • Production was ready to start on time.

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