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HR-Audit for production company (Foodstuffs)


A company of Canadian origin that produces frozen fries and other potato products. The company has 57 plants all over the world and its products are available in 110 countries. In Russia its product range can be found in all distribution channels: large fast-food chains, restaurants, bars, cafes and supermarkets.



  • Release of company internal resources for core functions;
  • Guaranteed compliance of HR Filing with Labor law;
  • Elimination of risks in HR-filing under changing labor law conditions.



Step 1: Audit

  • All HR files were checked to comply with Labor law and LNA.
  • The results of the check were presented in a form of a detailed report on problems and possible risks for the Client.
  • On the base of the report problems with HR-filing were fully examined and ways of optimization were set.

Step 2: Restoration

  • Elaboration of HR files templates according to Russian legislation.

Compulsory LNA were elaborated, such as: internal work regulations, C&B policy, Non-disclosure obligation in the context of current Privacy regulation. Two labor contract templates (for regular staff and remote employees) were worked out together with an album of standard forms.

  • HR files restoration and problem elimination.

Service records and business trip documentation were redesigned to conform to all the requirements; failing information was added to T-2 cards and work records books as well as to employee`s attachments. A register of work records book movement was also brought to correspond to Labor law requirements. All the documents were organized in an archive according to fixed period of storage.

Step 3: HR-filing Outsourcing

This phase was organized by combining remote consultation and presence of Coleman Services specialist in the Client`s office once a week.


  • Regular staff gained time from non-core functions.
  • Minimization of financial risks due to guaranteed compliance of HR-filing with Labor law.
  • Full support and professional expertise in Labor law issues.
  • Continuity of HR-filing.

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