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Production company (filtration systems): accounting services outsourcing experience with atypical work schedules


A German company producing air, oil, fuel, cabin and other filtration systems for all engine and mechanism types. The company has over 60 branches and about 16 000 employees all over the world. 


  • The amount of the planned works covered first 10 workdays of the month + extra 3 workdays every beginning of a quarter. In case of in-house tax audit or cross-audit the service had to be provided daily till full processing of the necessary documents.
  • By the moment of negotiations the Client already had experience of the primary documentation revision outsourcing with a different provider, but the company was not satisfied with the cost and quality of service.
  • The Client representatives didn`t have detailed information about service provision so it was essential to get maximum information from the current provider to build up high-quality business process.  


Step 1: Staff recruitment
  • For service provision there was a need in a specialist with following competences: experience in working with primary accounting documentation, interest in part-time employment with ability to work extra hours according to the Clients requirements.
  • As a result the job was filled within a week after the request from the Client. 
Step 2: Getting information from current provider
  • Business process transition from the current provider was realized within five workdays. Our specialist got some verbal information about which documents were processed and in which way revised, where the processed information was shown, kept or given back to make necessary corrections. 
  • Within the following month new business process was built up and the work was restructured to minimize time needed for the operations. Then there was written the procedure of the project work.
  • In a one and a half month after the start of collaboration the Client began preparing for in-house tax audit and cross-audit. To complete the task another specialist was engaged full-time for a month. 
  • Timely replacement and provision with extra specialists. To be able to fulfill Client`s request on time, there was formed a back-up system – the vacancy was published at regular intervals to fill the base of potential candidates ready for part-time  or temporary job. It allowed accomplishing all extra tasks from the Client immediately. The start of several other projects of the type gave the possibility to use specialists from different projects for replacement


  • Minimization of costs.
  • Building up and regulation of all business processes concerning primary accounting  documentation.
  • Continuity and high quality of service provision.
  • The ability to process huge document flow in a short period of time.
  • Keeping of all information about processing procedures.

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